Comments on the Chinese Proposal of CEPC/SPPC Colliders

-- Edmond L. Berger

About the author: Edmond L. Berger obtained his Bachelor of Science degree at MIT and Ph.D degree at Princeton University. He is a Senior Physicist (since 1976) and Distinguished Fellow (since 1995) at Argonne National Laboratory, USA. He is an elected Fellow of American Physical Society since 1975. He is a distinguished theorist in collider physics of the international high energy physics community and has visited China several times.

In my view, the reasons for the colliders in China are simple and compelling. First, higher energy is mandatory for getting to shorter distances. Shorter distances will reveal whether there is an even smaller substructure than quarks. Second, high energy physics is a proven driver of new technology. It will bring a very high return on investment to industry in China. Third, the international cooperation, collaboration and partnership required for success of the colliders will demonstrate China's leadership far beyond science and be a force for international peace and stability, earning not only a Nobel Prize in science for China but also a Nobel Prize for Peace.

【The Chinese translation (by Ying-Zhang Chen & Hong-Jian He) had been published in Math. Sci. History & Culture magazine (Wechat version). (中文版由清华大学陈颖章与何红建翻译,已刊登于《数理人文》杂志(微信版))】


作者简介:埃德蒙·伯杰(Edmond L. Berger)本科就读于 MIT,博士毕业于 Princeton 大学。他从1995年至今担任美国阿贡国家实验室(Argonne National Laboratory)杰出研究员。他是美国物理学会会士。他是当今国际高能物理界对撞机领域一位杰出的理论物理学家,并多次访问中国。